Welcome To The Site


Welcome To The Purple Dragon.
A place where people can come and enjoy
life and have fun in a lounge setting.
The Purple Dragon is a group on Skype
started by OTNAngel as a place for anyone
who wants to join and have fun and not be
judged or picked on due to there life choices.

The Rules

Even though its part of the OTN we do 
have a few rules for the skype calls.
1. Have Fun
2. Enjoy Life
3. Be Your Self
4. Don't Pass Judgement On Anyone 
About Anything In The Call.
5. Anything Goes.
6. What Happens or Said In The Purple Dragon 
Stays In The Purple Dragon And Goes No Where.

So With All That Said If You Wish To Join 
The Purple Dragon Group On Skype. Here Is How You Do It.

Step 1.
Become A OTN Site Member By Clicking 
The Register Button To The Left Side Of This Page
Check Your E-mail And Follow The Steps To Finish Your Profile.

Step 2.
Fill Out The OTN Application @ 

Step 3.
Search for otn_angel (William Plocar) On Skype And Add Him
As A Friend And Tell Him You Want To Join The Group.

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