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Welcome To Every Thing Fel Spire.

The Guild Master is OTNAngel.

The Vice Master Is Taz Hill.



1. You Must Be Active. (if your offline for 8 Days You Will Be Removed From The Guild)

2. Do The Daily Guild Quests when your on. (3 per day)

3. Put The Emblems In The Guild Vault.(the emblems are used to level the guild up)

4. Watch what you say in guild chat.(we have kids that play the game)

5. Being part of the guild doesnt mean your part of the OTN community. (The OTN Community is more then gamming)(if you want to be part of the OTN community then look at the Membership link in the nav bar to the left)

6. We dont PVP/GVG but if you do goto the pvp maps thats on you.

7. Its a game not real life so have fun and enjoy the game.

8  Use Common sence.


~-_-~ Sky Realms Events ~-_-~

We will do them when they are off cd and there are enough members on line to do them.



May You Live A Long And Happy Life And When The Time Comes May You Rest In Peace

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